August 31, 2012

Closing out the GOP convention

After quick reviews of the first and second days of the GOP convention in Tampa, I wanted to do the same for the last night, but I thought it might deserve a little bit more detail.  Nevertheless, in the spirit of quickness, here's my quick version to tide my thoughts over for now.

Clint Eastwood - Funny, but a bit slow in its delivery. In the end, it was pretty much a conservative red meat speech which will drive liberals crazy and therefore invite a lot of derision "He's too old", "He rambled", "What was that? It was creepy."  Did it help or hurt Romney and/or the conservative cause?  Likely only a little.  C+

Marco Rubio - The speech was great.  I can't find any fault with his speech.  It was touching, inspiring, and smart. A

Mitt Romney - After a number of speeches talking up Romney's tender side, he delivered a couple of tender touches himself.  If the 'experts' are correct that Romney needed to be humanized in advance of the Democratic convention and more Bain attacks, then mission accomplished.  But Romney also touched on some important plan points.  He didn't get into details but opened up the opportunity to talk about them on stump speeches.  He made the case, successfully, that he would be a good president.  He may have inoculated himself to some extent against future character attacks.  The speech wasn't rousing, but it was the speech of a competent candidate.  That's better than the competition. B+

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