August 7, 2012

DHS prepares for the election, er deferred deportation


Here's another great idea, America! You'll love this one.

The following press release this last Friday from Department of Homeland Security, translated by Google from the original Spanish:
WASHINGTON, DC - The Department of Homeland Security today outlined the process of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrived during a conference call with national media in preparation for the implementation date of August 15.

On June 15 the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, announced that some people who came to the U.S. as children and who meet other specific criteria may be eligible for deferred action on a case by case basis. The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, for its acronym in English) is finalizing a process by which eligible individuals can apply to be considered in the Deferred Action for Children Arrived on.

USCIS expects to have available August 15, 2012 all the forms, instructions and additional information relevant to the process of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrived. USCIS will begin immediately after accepting requests for consideration.
August 15th:  Far enough before the election to make a difference.  It's close enough to the election to sway Hispanic voters that the Obama administration thinks about Hispanic issues.  Yet it's too close to the election to have any negative or unintended consequences / backlash effects before election day.

The release, in Spanish, doesn't offer a lot of details, but the release does offer a link to an earlier release back in June that did put specific conditions on applications, and further mentions that these will be addressed on a case by case basis rather than a by the book approach.  That means leeway for bureaucrats.  You know, the same sort who keep running up convention spending on the taxpayers' dime.

There are too many flaws with this dark of night press release and original idea to count, so I'm just sharing what I noticed, and hopefully someone else will have the energy to run with this one.

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