August 27, 2012

Save our balls? From Obama???

Sadly, this ad campaign is no joke, it's real.

According to CBS News;
The company behind the strong "rare-earth" magnets, Buckyballs, is fighing back at Washington regulators with a new advertising campaign.

The company, Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, is responding to what they call overzealous regulators who have moved to take Buckyballs off the market because children keep swallowing them, putting themselves at risk for internal organ damage.

Buckyballs are marketed to adults and are covered with warning labels, however last month, the Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) filed an administrative complaint against the company, alerting the public about the risks and offering customers a refund.

Craig Zucker, CEO of Maxfield & Oberton, launched a sharp-witted ad campaign using the slogan, "Save Our Balls." The ads, in newspapers and on the web, are directed at lawmakers and President Obama, claiming that the Obama administration has pushed regulation too far.
This is amazing and it's a great way of reaching the youth vote and getting them to realize that voting for Obama is maybe not so smart.  It should be injected into the campaign - to the right audience who might be busy laughing at the use of the word injected right now - because it's a stunning example of Obama's over reach and working around Congress as he's indicated recently he'd do more in a second term.

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