August 7, 2012

We can't wait says Obama. But you know we will.

I don't know if the White House has figured out that we've figured out the cynical process of a late Friday news dump so that unappetizing news items get the weekend to cool down and hopefully will be forgotten before Monday.  But either they've caught on and started dumping stupid news items in other time slots, or else they've been doing that all along and we haven't caught on that every single thing out of this white House is bad.

Here's another example from today.  The president claims we can't wait for more renewable energy and he's fast tracking approval of seven projects (try not to do a spit take on this one):

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, as a part of his We Can’t Wait initiative, President Obama announced that seven nationally and regionally significant solar and wind energy projects will be expedited, including projects in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Wyoming. Together, these job-creating infrastructure projects would produce nearly 5,000 megawatts (MW) of clean energy – enough to power approximately 1.5 million homes, and support the President’s all-of-the-above strategy to expand American made energy. As a part of a Presidential Executive Order issued in March of this year, the Office of Management and Budget is charged with overseeing a government-wide effort to make the permitting and review process for infrastructure projects more efficient and effective, saving time while driving better outcomes for the environment and local communities. Additional expedited infrastructure projects will be announced in the coming weeks.
We can't wait?!? [Insert spit take here].

All of the above?!? [Insert second spit take here].

Pattern of denial.
First of all 5000 Megawatts is not earth shattering. By comparison Bruce Nuclear Power Generating Station in Ontario Canada has a capacity of 7,276 Megawatt power stations - it's just one of a few producing stations in the province of Ontario - population 13 million.

Not impressive enough for you? [No spit take required].

Okay, maybe nuclear power isn't your thing. The Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state has a capacity of 6,809. It's a hydroelectric dam. In fact, the Top 10 power generating stations in the world are either hydroelectric or nuclear power driven. These all generate significantly more power - at one location, not seven different projects. If neither hydro or nuclear power are your cup of tea, and coal is also off the table because it's supposedly so environmentally unfriendly, there are still better options like Oil-shale or natural gas for example.

As for all of the above, that was John McCain's campaign idea not Obama's.  He IS NOT FOR an "all of the above" strategy.  He is a misdirection artist and this press release is more of the same.  Remember, no new nuclear power approvals, no new offshore permits, and the oil production records he claims credit for are a result of approvals in the Clinton and the Bush administrations.  He hates oil. He hates the Keystone pipeline but he loved Solyndra.  

America - PLEASE don't buy this sickening load of bio-mass.

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