August 18, 2012

Scientists surprised at roundest object ever measured

Chains about this big, y'all.
Scientists indeed are surprised at their discovery.  I'm surprised too, but for an entirely different reason and of course, it's political in nature.

The roundest thing ever discovered?  No, it's not Joe Biden's head.  It's something a lot brighter;
However, a team of four astronomers from the U.S. and Brazil has used the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager on the Solar Dynamics Observatory to take incredibly accurate measurements of the shape of the Sun, and they found that it is almost the roundest object ever measured.

Normally, with a rotating object that has fluid properties, like the molten mantle under the Earth's surface or the liquid hydrogen inside a gas-giant planet like Jupiter, there will be a bulging at the equator. The Earth bulges so much that it's 42 kilometers wider at the equator than it is from pole to pole. This is called an object's "flattening", for which Earth has a value of 0.0033528.

By comparison, the Sun's flattening value is 9×10−6 or 0.000009. That means that if you shrunk the Sun to the size of a beach ball, the difference between the diameter at its equator and the diameter between its poles would be less than the width of a human hair.
And here I was thinking that the roundest thing ever was the liberal understanding of tolerance. If not roundest, then perhaps most circular. To whit;

-Liberals require that society be tolerant of everyone, regardless of the diversity that entails.

-But while we must be tolerant, they are quite frequently not tolerant, and angrily so, of conservative opinion.

-To justify this discrepancy they claim that they do not espouse tolerance of intolerance.

In essence they have defined tolerance as conforming to their liberal ideas, thus circumventing their own tenet of tolerance in order to suit their own viewpoint over their stated belief. Convenient, and circular.

Hmmm....I wonder what the radical Saul Alinsky would say about making your opposition live up to their own rules? I bet if he had a list of rules for radicals, it would be rule number 4.

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