August 14, 2012

Recent Media Bias - A compilation

There's a lot of media bias going on that's getting isolated attention, I thought I'd bring a few of them together to highlight the ridiculous nature of the media bias stacked against the GOP candidate, whomever that may be and whenever there is any sort of election.

Exhibit 1: Soledad

While substituting for Anderson Cooper on Monday, CNN's Soledad O'Brien was spotted using what appears to be an email blast of opposition research that included material from the liberal blog Talking Points Memo.

O'Brien was seen using the material in a fierce debate with Virginia House of Delegates member Barbara Comstock over Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, Twitchy reported.

Exhibit 2: Chris Matthews (again)

This needs no introduction.  Mr. Leg Tingle on a tear of vitriol and liberal rage.

Exhibit 3: Piers Morgan, parrot.

That's terrific.

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