August 21, 2012

Oops! Akin's gotta go.

Alright, there's standing beside your ally, and then there's the suicidal headlong charge into the wall of reality. The GOP has had a good shot at defeating Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri this election cycle.  In fact Todd Akin, the GOP nominee, had opened up a lead over her in that race.

Then he went and said this...

Uuuhhhhhhh......moving on.

This will tank him in the election.  McCaskill's the one who has got to go.  Therefore, Akin's gotta go too.  The GOP needs to pressure Akin to step down today, before changing the nominee becomes too complex a task (as of tomorrow).  Whether Akin's right on every other issue, this makes his candidacy a non-winner.This Senate seat should be a win for the Republicans, if perhaps not an easy win.  Akin has just flipped that possibility on its head.  For the GOP to continue to have a shot at this Senate seat, Akin cannot continue to be the nominee.

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  1. Other than this I have watched another Video about the Womens, I don't agree with his words on that.

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