August 28, 2012

GOP Convention Day 1 (or 1b)

I'm atypical.  For me the Republican convention is an event, like the SuperBowl.  I love politics - at least as a spectator and sideline commentator.   But to be honest, I'd love to be in the fray.  But as I said, I'm atypical. The level of interest I have is not representative of the average American voter.  They will vote (or not) this year, having not seen Kelly Ayotte's speech.  Wait who?  Ayotte's speech was not especially remarkable, but it wasn't bad.  The point though, is to look for the contrast with the coverage with the coverage of the Obama convention in 2008 or what it will be for 2012.  

As I'm writing this, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is currently speaking.  The GOP convention so far has not been all that exciting.  In fact, it's been downright low key.  The energy level in Tampa Bay has been muted.  And for that reason, the low level of media coverage has not hurt.  The convention has been overshadowed by Hurricane Isaac.  It started a day late, and the opening has been truly underwhelming.  Sure, this is not the prime time portion of the line-up, and the high profile speakers like Chris Christie and Scott Walker have yet to speak.

Right now, I'm at the benefit-of-the-doubt stage.  I'm sure things will pick up.  They sure better, because so far I have one word - bland.  Bland will not start the momentum.  Coming out of this convention the GOP and Mitt Romney need momentum and a gripping narrative to move the needle on voters. That won't happen if the convention stays this bland.

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