May 27, 2009

Obama wants on Mt. Rushmore

I'm convinced of it now. President Obama sees himself as the next face on Mt. Rushmore. Critics of the President, myself included, have spent a lot of time looking at the minutia of the his Presidency but we've been myopic with respect to his master plan that's been going on right under our noses. Either we're looking at individual wrongs - bailouts, national security issues, corporate takeovers etc. - or we're looking at his methods of achieving those goals (divide and conquer strategies, juxtaposing his Presidential addresses with GOP in-fighting).

Obama's Big Dreams

Underlying everything he's doing is something bigger though. The far left used to claim President Bush was going to impose marshal law and declare himself President for life. They didn't seem to understand the Constitution, then nor do they now. On the right we know better - Obama will max out at eight years, or if we're lucky, only four. But President Obama understands that too. Hence his outlook is extended beyond his 8 year maximum window.

He gives great speeches and he's playing political games quite well, but it's all to serve a single goal. He wants to affect a tidal shift leftward for the country. He sees himself as the left's Ronald Reagan. Everyone on the right can see that his goal is to re-establish and expand socialism and governmentalism in America.

What is President Obama trying to achieve? A more liberal court, a more liberal and involved government, and a left leaning Democrat majority that he sees lasting for generations - with himself as it's founding father. He knows that a real legacy has to outlast his own term, by a long time. Reagan did that for conservatives and for the country. Had there been no Reagan, Clinton would not have even considered welfare reform. Reagan's greatness echoed beyond his terms. Obama seeks the same.

Another tactic - compartmentalization

Whether it's yet another clever tactic or the myopia of conservatives focused on single aspects of the President's moves, the things the President is doing, the issues are being effectively compartmentalized. Borrowing from Alinsky, President Obama is isolating not people but rather issues. By making each issue small and isolated, the bigger picture gets lost. We can't see the socialist forest for the liberal trees.

Motivation not the issue though

Whatever his aim, how he seeks achieve this is what we have rightly concerned ourselves with. We need to try to stop socialized health care. We need to investigate the federal domination of Chrysler's bankruptcy (more on that in a subsequent post). We need to keep the Tea Parties going and keep the pressure on. We need to fight tooth and nail on everything, because collectively they amount to the Sweden-ification of America. Say what you might about ABBA, Sweden was never an economic or military superpower, nor were they ever a paragon of individual liberty the way the U.S. Constitution is.

If however each incremental little thing is viewed as not worth major resistance, then each little step gets passed that much easier. The President charged out of the gate with big ticket items and look where it got him. Everyone is still in shock and awe from the massive stimulus bill and omnibus bill that together combine for over 1 trillion in spending. We're numb. So how big a deal is a Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor when it's just replacing a liberal with a liberal? It doesn't seem worth the effort.

The GOP, taken aback by the floating Presidential approval ratings, have seemingly acquiesced to the nomination. Yes they'll ask the tough questions they say. And they will probably vote against her in decent numbers. But will they obstruct the process the way President Bush's nominees were obstructed? Will they try to force the Democrats to go for the nuclear option - a rule change the GOP considered themselves before backing down? I'm not convinced.
The point here is not to fight against Obama's legacy. The point is that the leftward shift of the country is no solution to the problems facing America. In fact his solutions will only exacerbate the problems. Obama talks about the problem coming from Medicare and Medicaid. Indeed they are problems. But the solution is not to ADD to the burden by socializing health care.

The real solutions are painful - those promised benefits are simply to expensive and must be made to go away. At best the government can hope to privatize these issues and hope that individuals look after their own futures. The yoke of socialism does not raise the bar for everyone, it lowers it and the achievers either leave or get dragged down to the lower levels. You end up with a second rate country and Americans deserve better than that if they can just pull their collective heads out of...well you get the picture.

Without a grassroots movement to stop this President, America could be dooming itself. I've always believed the country is bigger than just one man. The USA survived Clinton albeit under more favorable circumstances. There are two big strikes against the country at this point in time. Firstly a Democrat supermajority is pretty much in place. Secondly, with respect to the massive unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (and soon possibly health care aka Obama-care), the clock is running out really fast (and it's a clock strapped to an economic bomb). The leading age of the baby boomers set to retire is now at age 64. We are LESS THAN one year from the start of socialism's Armageddon.
If that happens, the only way that Obama could get on Mount Rushmore is if it gets sold to China to pay for it.
For the rest of America, there's no time to spare. If the GOP won't fight tooth and nail to do something about this, the Tea Parties will need to become a weekly event, and perhaps daily
Tick, tick, tick....

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