May 22, 2009

Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs

Socialism is an interesting beast. It's had the advantage of the opportunity to grow up within the cocoon of free market capitalism. Many of it's greatest proponent nations have had the security blanket of a powerful United States and United Kingdom to lean upon for national security and therefore were and are, able to dabble in fields of socialist experiment that they would not otherwise be afforded.

Other nations who headed down the socialist or Marxist path ended up in a terrible place. As Hayek pointed out in The Road to Serfdom, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia followed what he classified as socialism's inevitable road to tyranny.

The nations who limited their exposure to socialism, represent the world's economic success stories - the United States, the United Kingdom and more recently Japan have all show real economic muscle, and the highest standards of living in their heyday.

Which is why it is such a curiosity that those who espouse progressivism in the United States today are so intent on removing that blanket of security against tyranny, thinking that this time,it will be different. Why think that? Human nature is what it is. Human shortcomings are what they are. Collectivism leads inevitably to tyranny.

Not only are those who espouse foreclosure delays, bad credit card subsidies, union subsidization (heck why not free cars for everyone?) blind to the tyranny they invite upon themselves (and others), they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs; the very thing that affords them the protection, freedom and wealth to consider such Utopian ideas - free market capitalism.

If you come across one of these liberals who believe socialism is the future, ask them to read The Road to Serfdom. Heck, buy them the book. Or better yet, buy them the book and lend it to them - maybe they'll learn a little bit about capitalism too.

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