May 8, 2009

Percolating Conservative uh, rage?

Conservatives are concerned about the left turn the country has taken. It's been pretty abrupt. But it's being portrayed as rage. Tea Parties are being codified as racist, mean-spirited, and angry. They are simply healthy political dissent. Remember that liberals? *cough, cough*

But Tea Parties are only one tactic. One that should be kept up, but only a part of the solution to the Obamafication of America. Another tactic that seems to be virally creeping into the discussion is boycotting TARP businesses and supporting those that deliberately refused the handout with strings.

Look at the comments section on this Hot Air article. There's a lot of don't buy GM sentiment. But that should be STRONGLY extended to banks - especially TARP funding banks. It's an avenue worth exploring. No matter how powerful the President is, or thinks he is - America's wallets will trump him EVERY TIME. America is a Democracy and a capitalist one at that. Nothing is more powerful than putting your money where your mouth is and the government's hands aren't.

Lastly, please remember to help out with more local Tea Parties and attend.

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