May 24, 2009

America hooked on Vitamin Cake?

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who do not know - cake is not a vitamin.

Americans wants cheap cars. Americans wants green cars. Americans wants low taxes, a strong military, free health care, and to buy lots of things from everywhere in the world. Americans want a balanced budget. Americans want medicare and social security. They don't want to have to pay for it themselves. They don't want to have a national debt either. Sure you want it all. But you can't afford it all. If cake were a vitamin, everyone would be healthy. Then there's reality. Cake is not a vitamin, it's cake. It tastes good, but it's not healthy. Vitamins are healthy but they don't taste like cake - they taste like vegetables or pills, or at best for some - fruit. And don't get me started on fruit cake.

America has to choose it's priorities. You can be a superpower but still not have everything everyone wants. That's reality. But the government keeps on feeding Americans it's fantasy sustenance - vitamin cake. They figure future generations will pick up the tab for the feeding frenzy. Keep it up and the United States WILL suffer a coronary.

You've got to establish what you want to do as a country, and put a stop to the rest of it. You simply can't afford to do everything, despite what the President would have you believe. Both discretionary and non-discretionary spending have to be on the table, because the dollars are really the bottom line. You can't run deficits ad infinitum. That too is reality.

A word of friendly advice though, at this point, you don't really need more cake though, you need the vitamins. You need to rebuild an industrial base and to maintain a strong military to defend your freedom. Think of the industrial base as a healthy heart and organs, and the military as white blood cells.

Enough of the metaphor. China is emerging as not just a competitive producer, but as a massive consumer market. You can only sell them so much consulting services. But if they want to buy your cars and electronics instead of from Japan, then you've got jobs and real value being produced (no offense to consultants worldwide). China is emerging as a military competitor, with a very different societal view - communism. You want to stay a proponent for freedom.

I could be wrong. I don't think I am. Deep down, anyone who wants a free house and a free car and blames their own hardship on the past or on others, doesn't deserve or understand the freedom they possess. America offers the most freedom to an individual of any country in the world. Collectivism is quite the opposite.


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