May 25, 2009

July 4th Tea Party links

Your work here is not done. The Spendocrats have not yet gotten the message. They are now just drunk with power. You can still do your part for your country. You don't even need to go get in harms way. Arm yourself with a non-racist placard (or as I like to call it, Garafalo-friendly) and go to a Tea Party on July 4th.

If you're not involved yet, get involved. If you are already involved, get organized, and make sure you have media coverage, or at least video to post on you tube. Below are some links to July 4th Tea Parties.

Make yourself heard on July 4th. You need to make the map look like this.

Tea Party Day. National Locations.

Re-Tea Party



Memphis is on July 2nd. Must be Daylight Savings Time...

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  1. Prepare now. Tea Party gear can be found at


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