May 15, 2009

Shakedown artist as Commander in Chief?

NOTE: blogged by email.

The banks have been subject to imposing over site by the administration, and are on the verge of nationalization.

AIG executives were forced to give back bonuses they were legally entitled to receive.

GM lost its CEO at the behest of Obama.

Chrysler's bond holders caved in and accepted less than they were legally entitled to get because the President said so. He wanted the UAW to benefit from the situation.

Military funding is being cut while Afghanistan is being ramped up. It reminds me of Henry Hill in Goodfellas - 'You had a bad month? ____ you, pay me!'

Rush Limbaugh today reminded us of the story about Obama announcing Caterpillar re-hiring and creating jobs because of his stimulus package - except that the CEO of Caterpillar had said the right stimulus package would allow for that - not what President Obama said. Caterpillar is still laying people off, despite the fact that the President tried to bully Caterpillar into compliance.

Rush brought it up because there is new parallel. The $2 trillion in health care saving the industry agreed to find over the next decade wasn't really agreed to by them. Details to follow but it sounds familiar to the Obama M.O.

What else seems familiar to all of this shakedown artist approach to the economy?

Well it seems like despite claiming to be the change everyone was waiting for, the shakedown follows the blueprints used by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other followers of the Alinsky school of radicalism.

It's a cottage industry elevated all the way to the White House.

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