May 28, 2009

Quick Post: GOP - Where's our list of 'moderate' alternatives?

What simpler way to make the Democrats the party of 'no' and the party of visible partisanship than to do what the Democrats tried to do to Bush.

Come up with a list of moderate-right judges for nomination to the Supreme Court post being vacated, to present to the President to decline out-of-hand.

When they reject the list as too right-leaning you could pull a 'gotcha' by being sure to include some actual moderate judges that were advanced by Democrats. There has to be some of them out there somewhere - say in Virginia for example.

After all, you need to stand on principle but since everyone in the MSM is harping on you being hyper-partisan you get a free 'we tried to play ball' that is going to go down in flames despite your best efforts to combat it. Why not score some good PR in the process?

Will the base forgive you for suggesting moderates? If you can find someone who is actually moderate, then maybe. If they understand that its a PR move, then definitely. Besides, you can stand on principle and still suggest some moderates who pass conservative mustard. They won't be stellar nominations like Alito or Roberts, but if they actually made it through they'd be better than the activist that's being forwarded now.

Just a thought.

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