May 4, 2009

Obama = Carter

Is Obama recycling the old Carter playbook? On some issues, such as energy it sure seems to be the case.

Most striking, in this quick comparison on the issue of energy policy is the fact that for 4 minutes, Carter didn't say much except that we've got a problem and he wants to fix it. Obama was able to do the same thing in in a 31 second commercial. They've gotten more efficient at pointing out a problem, and offering a straw man solution.

Claims are great when you don't have to back them up with facts or even offer details as to what your solution might possibly be.


And Obama;

If you're old enough to remember Carter's admonishment to wear sweaters and turn down the thermostat, you might have the insight already to realize that Obama's urging people to inflate their tires equates to pretty much the same tripe.

The real question is whether President Obama is deliberately taking a mid-East crisis in Iran's nuclear program and trying to leverage it to destabilize the oil supply, and oil prices to further his green agenda, during a time of economic pain. He's a smart guy, he's got an agenda. The thought easily could have crossed his mind. I'm just throwing out ideas here, but it seems to me, these foreign policy gaffes, could either be a sign of incompetence or a sign of mad genius being used for a sinister purpose.

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