May 28, 2009

End Government Greed!

Yes, it's time for another call to get yourself out to a July 4th Tea Party. Why?

All too often, the Democrats and their socialist cohorts drone on and on about Wall Street greed, or corporate greed. It's class warfare distilled down to a blame game. Wall Street greed led to the need for a TARP bailout plan.

It's quite see-through if you bother to look, but most people won't bother. Blaming the other guy to get your vote is an age old political trick. Hitler had the Jews, the Democrats have the faceless corporations.

NOTICE I didn't compare Obama to Hitler, I just compared a tactic that Hitler used to something out of the Democratic playbook? But if this blog were reasonable well-read (which, unfortunately it isn't (yet)), I'd no doubt now be branded as shrill and a right-wing kook.

In any case corporations have every right (so far) to pursue and maximize their profits. It really shouldn't be called greed until it crosses the line into unethical behavior - cutting corners on safety, illegal activity, that sort of thing.

But there does seem to be a greed that the class warfare experts don't want you to notice, and that's government greed. The small government/ limited government crowd is derided in the mainstream media, but they have reason to fear a bigger government. A bigger government has more power to come after your money and your freedom if they so choose.

For example, when Democrats are in power, they have a distinct tendency to raise taxes - and not just on the highest tax brackets, the lowest brackets too. They 're greedy to get and spend your money, their way.

That chart should be enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck. A top marginal rate of 92% and a bottom marginal rate of over 22%! But even if that's not enough to scare you because you figure the United States could never go there again, you still can see that there's a Democrat tendency to raise taxes on all brackets and a conservative tendency to lower taxes on higher brackets and hold the line or lower taxes on the bottom bracket. So the financial greed exists, but is much more pronounced when Democrats are in power.

The current government is also greedy to hoard power to themselves and their ilk. For example, the power brokering that seems to have gone on to ensure that Chrysler dealerships that got closed were the ones that supported the GOP and not the ones that supported the Democrats or more precisely, President Obama in 2008.

It's being dubbed dealergate, and it's really, really, scary.

Some detailed articles:

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More will be written on this in the coming days. IF it turns out to be accurate, it's something that SHOULD blow the doors off the President's personal popularity. It likely won't but it should. He's looking to establish his own cabal of ruling class. He said doesn't want to run the auto industry - he's too busy. He didn't lie. What he didn't say was that he wanted to ensure that those in his camp were the ones running it. It should make you nervous about not only the automotive industry but also the banking industry. Obama doesn't just want the unions in his pocket, he wants the businesses too.

Can you say Al Capone?

UPDATE: Apparently the chart doesn't show too well. Anyone with skills on how to edit jpg files, please let me know so I can make it more visible.


  1. Raising taxes seems needed in times of high spendings. I don't agree with all of Obama's decisions, but remember that Bush's spending was historically record-high above all other presidents AND it was Bush that signed the first bailout.

    AND Obama has this situation now which he didn't create (But must get us out of). I won't blame it on Bush, but it hasn't been a liberal in charge the past 8 years.

  2. I'd still rather have Obama than that nitwit Bush in office.

    Add width="100%" to your img tag that defines the image in your post, and that should make it fill the width, and grow a little in height as well to maintain the proper width-height ratio.

    Ping me if you need an assist.



  3. Thanks for the tip Wayne. I'll give it a try.


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