May 2, 2009

Saturday Learning Series - The Trigger Effect

Why is history important? Because everything in mankind's history is something that has helped lead to where we are at today. That is the premise taken by James Burke, an amazing science historian from Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. His take on the connectivity throughout history is brilliant.

According to Wikipedia, James Burke (born 22 December 1936) is a Northern Irish science historian, author and television producer best known for his documentary television series called Connections, focusing on the history of science and technology leavened with a sense of humor.

If Burke had taught history at the university I had attended, I may have developed an even greater appreciation for history's importance. Below, is the first episode in a series of fantastic and fascinating voyages that explain how our modern world came into existence. The various series he created (one from the 70's, one the 80's and one the 90's) are as instructive today as when they were created. Forgive the dated look and listen to the lesson. And enjoy.

The Trigger Effect:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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