May 14, 2009

Hat Tip - Hot Air

I've got to tip my hat to Hot Air today. They've killed it with their articles on May 13/14. They're consistently a good source of information on issues from a conservative perspective. Today however, they nailed a bunch of topics that when looked at as a whole, shape a pretty clear picture. Outstanding.

The economy - the path Obama and the Democrats have chosen has disaster written all over it.

How much of the Porkulus bill has been spent? Do you really want to see this?

US speeding towards a financial crash. Ouch. The graph in the page is telling, disturbing.

Housing foreclosures are accelerating. Really? Who'd have guessed. I'd been meaning to blog on how the foreclosure forestalling meant only a delay in the inevitable - Hot Air beat me to the punch. But that may explain some of the stock market rally we've been seeing over the last 9 weeks.

The coming tax hikes are going to destroy American productivity. Why? Because the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing. Bailing out GM and helping the UAW disproportionately is one bad thing, but raising taxes in a recession is unconscionable.

Amidst the chaos, Obama pushing ahead with unfunded Health Care benefits. Why? Because the President is agenda driven and not reality driven.

Water boarding & The War on Terror - let's all agree that the Democrats are starting to cave and that Bush was right, okay?

Schumer hypocrisy on water boarding - he voted for it being good, before he voted for it being bad.

Feinstein defends water boarding by defending Nancy Pelosi - Bush bad, Pelosi understandably not bad, just prudent. Guess what you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Even Jon Stweart hit Pelosi on water boarding. Why? Well at least, unlike the Democrats he's consistent in his position, wrong though it may be.

The President changes course on releasing Abu Ghraib photos. Why? Bush was right. Come on, say it.

Ethics and hypocrisy - Democrats being Democrats. Obfuscate to skate.

"Most ethical Congress" kills ethics investigation Is anyone surprised by this? Besides Jon Stewart. Wake up Sleeping Beauty, your party is full of poison apples.

Schumer hypocrisy on water boarding - yep, so bad it shows up in two categories.

AIG Bonuses were known about months before the faux outrage. Yep. Hypocrisy.

Report on Right Wing Extremist pulled. And underlings blamed. Go figure.

Hot Air really had a banner 24 hour period in its reporting. Way to go!

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