April 15, 2009

Tea Parties Preview

Don't look here, go to one and see for yourself.

April 15th - Tax Day. Tax Protest Day. It's a day to see if the conservatives of America will stand up for what they believe in. It's a day to see if protests are in the conservative blood, or rolling over and accepting a tax ravaging by a liberal regime in Washington.

A lot of conservatives are expecting big things. I'm reserving judgement. Yes, I expect it to be cathartic. No I don't suppose it will change the administration and Congress very liberal course. But what I'm reserving judgement on is the turnout. Will there be enough critical mass to rival the 'Million' Man March? Or the Obama inauguration? I'm not so sure. I'm hopeful, but not yet convinced.

The Tea Parties have either an inherent advantage or disadvantage in being a grassroots effort (despite the left believing it's being orchestrated by a right wing cabal of puppet masters). The people speaking up on their own could burst out or fizzle. In order to break the veneer of the mainstream media it will have to be some burst. But that's what needs t happen. If it doesn't, the Tea Parties could well amount to preaching to the choir because not enough moderates or conservative-leaning Democrats will hear about it. On the other hand, if it flops, it might go over well in the MSM - as a massive flop. They'd be delighted to report on that.

I have faith in the American spirit. In Canada, conservatives too often roll over and just go with the flow. If America had done that in it's history, it would still be a British colony. But it didn't and it's not. Those who in the past stood up for liberty did it decades and centuries ago. Has modern life soften Americans, and their resolve to fight for liberty, to fight for fair taxation? It better not have, because there aren't other "shining cities on a hill" waiting in the wings to take up that mantle.

The message then is go, support the ranks of the Tea Party protesters. Let this not be 27 people and a few signs. Let the numbers swell, and do your part by attending the Tea Party nearest you. And remember it's a journey, not a destination. This will be only one step. Good luck.

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  1. I know, just on the Facebook event for Charleston, SC, we have over 300 confirmed, and organizers say at least a thousand will be there (including Gov. Sanford and Sen. DeMint). Hopefully they all follow through...I know I'll be there.


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