April 12, 2009

Tea Parties mocked by MSNBC.

Let's face it, it's tough for the right to get a fair shake in the mainstream media.  It's downright impossible to expect MSNBC to step back from their hyperbolic socialism.  So the video below should come as no surprise to you.

Yet it's still galling to see them mock the planned Tea Party protests.

They don't take it seriously.  The truth is they are probably expecting the turnout to fizzle and even if conservatives show up in numbers, it won't be reported as anything other than a flop.  If it's reported at all.  Expect MSNBC to report on it since they've built up the mocking they have to follow through.  Just don't expect their coverage to be fair and balanced.  Expect cynicism, mocking and derision.


  1. No way! State Television News (I'm going to call MSNBC that from now on, just to be ahead of the curve) is mocking people who disagree with Dear Leader? That is a shock...

  2. The post was designed to rally Tea Party support, not to shock people into realizing that MSNBC/STN (shouldn't the words " State Party" be in the name together somewhere?)is rigged.

    Thanks as always for the posts.

  3. I got that, but I can't pass up an opportunity to simultaneously indulge my love of sarcasm and my disdain for MSNBarackChannel.


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