April 20, 2009

They must think you're really stupid!

During the election campaign then candidate Obama agreed with John McCain that spending cuts were necessary but that they required a scalpel as opposed to a hatchet. He has remained, sadly, true to his word. (Unlike his word about opposing pork barrel spending).

After presiding over a massive debt run-up, both actual and planned, it would seem bigger cuts are necessary - to the point of rolling back the recent budget-busting plans. Actually, that should be patently obvious.

But for many, it is clearly not. And for those many who gave President Obama his mandate, these cuts are for you. It fully displays the contempt elite Democrats and the White House hold for you. They think you are stupid enough to fall for this. Here's why.

Those who see the need for spending cuts will not be placated or fooled by this charade of a $100 million spending cut versus a 2010 budget spend of $3.5 trillion. We haven't been fooled, but you have.

To put it in perspective via analogy, suppose you decided that instead of a new $20,000 car you decided to buy a pricier $35,000 model. You did this because the slick salesman who sold you on the expensive model promised he would sharpen his pencil and knock some money off the price and you'd get more for your money. Its a far better deal. So he rolls up his sleeves, works his magic and gets a price reduction for you. He takes it to his boss (because its above his pay grade) and gets agreement. Boy are you getting a deal! Your car has been reduced by $1! You only have to pay 34,999! But don't listen to your brother-in-law telling you its a rip off. Our commercials (the press) wouldn't lie. This is an awesome opportunity!

Those ratios are the equivalent of what the President is doing with this bogus cutback decree.

The press will now shamelessly try to start selling Obama as a fiscal restraint guy. Watch MSNBC tonight to see (if you can stomach it). They will do it with straight faces because they want the car sale too, or else they are just as stupid as the voters who somehow believed that they were going to get something for nothing.

You've been duped. You were wrong to vote for this pack of jackals (car salesmen is too good a description for these people). Face up to it because you've already bought the car now. You need to get into the right mind set before you realize that on top of it all, the car is a lemon.


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