April 17, 2009

The far left was right!

It looks like those we thought were far left fringe kooks were actually right about President Bush. Remember they had said he would suspend the Constitution and declare martial law and not give up the Presidency at the end of his term? He was going to turn the United States into a police state. All of this was possible because he was an idiot. Looking back, it all came true.

Well, not exactly. But clearly a lot of it has come true. He did not declare martial law.

But according to Ed Morrissey on Hot Air, Bush is still pulling the strings;

"This answers the rather absurd meme that has popped up on liberal blogs, that the Bush administration is responsible for this report.  First, while the Bush administration might have wanted an assessment of right-wing extremist threats, it didn't necessarily want one that painted returning veterans and conservative thought on abortion, illegal immigration, and federalism as extremist threats, nor did it want a threat assessment that couldn't find a threat and had no data on actual, specific groups.  Secondly, and most obviously, this report was dated April 7, 2009, almost 3 months after Bush left office."

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So Bush really still is running things. He is probably running the Obama administration like a puppet master. That explains the suspending of the Constitution. President Obama is considering the Fairness Doctrine. He's considering Card Check. He's firing CEOs. He's nationalizing the banks. Clearly this is all the work of President Bush.

He's probably responsible for the Tea Parties. And he co-opted the mainstream media to report kindly on it.

I think we can all thank the lunatic fringe for being right on this. Thanks for the heads up on the death (by a thousand cuts) of freedom guys. Clearly Bush is out of control...


  1. You've go to be kidding.

  2. re: Kidding - uh, obviously. I guess I should have ended it with *sarc*


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