April 27, 2009

What, me worry?

The Alfred E. Obama presidency it is. David Frum, conservative pariah points out that Ronald Reagan's popularity soard in 1983-1984 based on what he'd accomplished. Barack Obama's popularity is high based on what he's promised. Health care, clean air, America loved world wide, more spending, less debt. In other words a free lunch and a pipe dream. Maybe the President is still passing the joints (and I'm not talking Chiefs of Staff).

The President has flittered from crisis to crisis - financial, automotive, North Korea, Iran, the deficit, global warming and now the swine flu - not really solving anything but sounding like he has all the answers. The glitz IS going to wear off eventually.

More importantly though is the apparent lack of a sense of urgency over the swine flu outbreak in Mexico, and yes, the United States. If this has been indicative of the "What, Me Worry?" approach that the Obama administration is going to take towards anything that isn't sponsored by it's own agenda, we're looking at big trouble because of little interest. The President is supposed to be a steward of the country, not acting like someone who won the country as spoils in a card game and is now going to re-paint it to his own liking.

It's becoming apparent that there needs to be some action taken, but the CDC has said there's no way to stop it. In other words the CDC is completely useless in this situation? Then why have a CDC? We're not talking about finding a cure, although a vaccine apparently exists. No, we're talking about stopping the spread of the virus.

Here's a list of links on Drudge Report about the growing problem:

And here's a map view of cases. But the Obama administration says 'nothing to see here folks, move along.'

View Larger Map

It's certainly unnerving how unconcerned they appear to be. Napolitano wants to be ready for the next flu. The President says don't panic. I don't mean to sound alarmist here, but panic would be a welcome change from nonchalance.

And then there's this bit of Messiah complex that requires it's own post. Wow, just lay your hands on the afflicted Mr. President.

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  1. Obama is brushing it off like it isn't his problem. Yes Mr. President, pass it off to the scientific and medical community. It isn't your problem is it?


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