April 7, 2009

Because when you pander, Europe loves you

Dear President Obama;

Your effort in Europe to talk down the Bush administration, and to talk down America isn't proceeding with enough force as required. We realize you were doing it to get people in Europe to like you but they didn't sign on for your global economic rescue plan, and they didn't sign on to more Afghanistan. It gets worse when you consider Turkey.

In fact, it appears they dislike you as much as they disliked President Bush.

All this despite your best efforts at pandering to Europe.

The lesson? Well, you could assume the insanity approach is the best approach - keep trying to pander. Or you could realize that no matter what you do, there are people who just don't like America.

As an aside, another lesson to be learned: you could have done your homework before the trip. It appears that since you didn't get anything you'd announced you wanted to get, you either didn't have pre-meetings and just weren't prepared, or else you and your team of advisers are lost. Either way, you're making George Bush look better and better. And I thought you were incapable of performing miracles.

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