April 29, 2009

President Obama - 100 Day Presser - Live Blogging

President Obama's 100 day press conference.

8:00 Updates - H1N1 flu virus. Utmost preparations. $1.5 billion. Where's the number from? Objectives are fine, but how did you arrive at the fund number?

8:03 Cover your mouth when you cough?

8:04 Budget resolution passed today.

150,000 jobs, 95% taxes cut. A spike in refinancing? How big?

New foundation for growth. This budget? New savings???

8:05 Foreign policy - ending war in Iraq, closing Guantanamo,

Good start. Just a start. Proud but not content.

More homes jobs will be lost. Tough times still ahead.

Deficits too high. Obama is high if he thinks that he isn't contributing to that problem.

Clean energy initiative.
New Wall Street rules.
Credit Card protection.
More savings.
Procurement reform.

8:07 I can see your eyes moving.

Q1) AP - close border? Concern not panic. Follow the scientists. Barn door after the horses are out? There's still more horses that can get out. Does it take $1.5 billion to ensure everything is in place? Bush created good infrastructure. OMG a compliment on Bush.

Uh, uh...blah, blah, blah. Answer too long again. Reminiscent of the first press conference.

Q2) Bankruptcy on option for Chrysler? GM plan sufficient?

Hopeful for a viable Chrysler. Unions have made enormous sacrifices. Debt holder concessions. Feeling optimistic.

GM - has a lot of good product. GM can emerge strong and competitive. Get government out of the auto industry as soon as possible. Moving in the right direction.

Chrysler was prudent to plan for bankruptcy but it might not be necessary.

Hardship for workers and families.

Q3) Jake Tapper - ABC. Previous administration sanctioned torture?

Water boarding violates our ideals and values. Could have got the info in other ways.

Trying to change the line of the debate. Invoked Churchill. Shortcuts corrode character. Will make us stronger and safer over the long term.

Uh, uh...uh, a uh....

Reiterated water boarding was torture. It was a mistake.

Q4) CBS Radio - Enhanced techniques saved lives. Could you authorize it if it was necessary to save lives.

Not declassified.

Doesn't answer core question. Which means he has admitted that the techniques did reveal information.

Judge me on if I keep you safe. I believe the best way is without short cuts.

Q5) Pakistan nuclear arsenal.

We can be sure it is secure. The Pakistani army understands. We are providing strong consultation. Gravely concerned, not of an overrun, but over a fragile government unable to deliver basic services and the rule of law.

Q6) Any change to scale of withdrawal?

Incidents of bombings remain low compared to last year. Political system is holding and functioning. More political work is required to isolate Al Qaida in Iraq.

Q7) Chip Reid - Arlen Specter switch. One party rule? State of the Republican party.

I respect Arlen Specter. He will remain independent. He will cooperate on health care. Democrats who don't agree with me on everything. Regional differences. Compromise on all issues.

Republican - reaching out to them has been genuine. Didn't work. Voted to change in a historic election. Don't oppose my every position.

Never as good or as bad as they seem - re Republicans. But opposing us on every front is not a good political strategy.

Q8) Notre Dame and Freedom of Choice Act. "Above my pay grade. "

A moral and ethical issue. Not only a women's freedom issue. But women are in a better position to make that decision than Congress.

Reduce unwanted/teen pregnancies.

Not my highest priority. Focus on what we can agree on. That's my focus.

Q9) NYT - what has surprised, troubled, enchanted and humbled you the most? Wow. Just go out of business.

Surprised - number of critical issues at the same time.7 or big problems instead of 2 or 3 that would be normal.

Troubled - sobered by change is slow. Posturing and bickering even in crisis.

Enchanted - service men and women - impressed and grateful.

Humbled - Just part of a broader tapestry of American life. I have a much larger time horizon then when I was a candidate.

Q10) Telemundo - What is your strategy on immigration reform? 1st year? McCain?

Procurement reform - McCain/Levin.

Want to move the process. Not good for anyone.

Noticing he's saying he wants to solve problems but he's not talking specifics in many instances.

Q11) Given unique circumstance, how are you targeting African American communities in the recession.

Designed to help all. Most vulnerable get help first, so that means African Americans and Latinos will see help first disproportionately.

Lift all boats???? He's quoting Ronald Reagan!

Q12) State Secrets views?

Modify it.

We were short-termed on the court filing. It serves a purpose but we don't want it to be a blunt instrument.

Q13) Chief shareholder of many companies - mortgages, car companies. What is the government role?

Looking to get out. The sooner the better. Want a functioning competitive auto industry. Restructuring help.

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