April 23, 2009

Anti-Palin press: Then and Now

Whatever is convenient. Different sources, but the idea is simple. Dump on Levi Johnston until he becomes an asset. Then it's kid gloves.

The Hollywood Gossip: (Sept 2008)

Bristol Palin’s high school sweetheart and father of her unborn baby, Levi Johnston, may not be ready for fatherhood just yet.

We're not just guessing that because he's a bad boy teen. He said this!

Bristol Palin, 17, the daughter of Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is five months pregnant. Just hours after this shocking revelation, the father of her child was revealed by the media.

While Levi Johnston (pictured below) admits he's "in a relationship" on his personal MySpace page, the teen hockey player made the candid statement that he does not exactly wanna be a parent, proclaiming, “I don’t want kids.”

Way to set the record straight, Levi!

And it got far worse. But after the breakup with Bristol Palin and a chance to use him to knock Palin, the tune changed.

From Salon a review of the Tyra Banks interview (April 7, 20009);

Levi Johnston showed up in an untucked button-down, grey pants and a bright blue sweater vest, sounding no more or less like an anxious dumbass than you might expect of a teenager who wants to talk about his private life on "Tyra."


He was affable and monosyllabic, giving mostly grunting "yes" and "no" answers to Banks' questions.


But Levi was downright eloquent in comparison to Banks, who treated him with a combination of condescension and obsequiousness unmatched in my recent television watching experience.


Given the forum and circumstances, Johnston was relatively gracious, and even classy, when holding forth on both Bristol and her family.

Before he was an abhorred brute. After, a gullible but affable kid in the wrong place. The efforts at being two-faced by the media never seem to cease.

In the words of Tyra, Mmmmhmmmm!

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