April 3, 2009

Palestinian Statehood

The trail of misery continues. According to Yahoo, the State Department is going to push, hard, for Palestinian Statehood.

"We're going to be working hard to see what we can do to move the process forward. But we're under no illusions. It's not going to be easy," said State Department spokesman Robert Wood.

"We have to engage constantly and remind the parties of their obligations and to try to set up a framework, a process for getting us toward that goal of a two-state solution," Wood added, referring to the goal of separate Israeli and Palestinian states, living side by side in peace.

Yeah, because $900 million to rebuild Gaza was not stupid enough on it's own. Chamberlain-esque appeasement or just liberal delusion? Why do this? Oh yeah, I forgot - Darth Obama - we're living on the dark side now.

Benjamin Netanyahu meanwhile is making up for the Obama administration by actually making sense. He said if the US doesn't do something about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, Israel would do so.

Nice! Someone has some fortitude!

The answer to Israel from the Obama administration? *crickets chirping* Then again, that's better than Joe Biden saying something asinine right about now.

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  1. Hang on...hasn't Israel officially offered a separate Palestinian state at least six times since 1927? And haven't the Palestinians cinsistently responded by blowing things up?

    Psst, details. We're living in the new age of HOPE AND CHANGE, so everything will be magically solved.


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