April 26, 2009

Obama presiding over your doom.

Massive debt on the horizon, hyper inflation even closer. You don't ever want to think the boat is inevitably going to sink or you stop bailing water. And in stormy seas, the lifeboats are but a delay in the eventual outcome. I'm not an alarmist generally speaking - I tend to think in terms of everything being cyclical.  There are boom and bust periods.  Nations rise and fall and rise again.  Political parties political fortunes surge and regress.  Ideologies ebb and flow.  You do your best to promote what you think is right - free markets, personal liberty, etc.  But the tides are the tides. If things are shifting leftward right now, fighting back is no more than trying to mitigate the damage it will cause. It's still worth it - I'm still trying to help bail water. But things will balance out eventually.

The question is how far will things go before they start to correct?  If it goes too far, it doesn't become an American ebb and flow cycle, it becomes the decline of another civilization in the global ebb and flow.  That can be a dead end for America.  China recovered, Rome didn't. Japan recovered.  Mongolia didn't.  Greece didn't.  Germany recovered, France not so much.  Russia probably won't.  Spain and Portugal didn't. History is replete with examples of losers, and winners are few and far between.

It's wonderful to think that America is above such ebbs and flows or a rise and fall.  It's not.  Not when the citizens have become complacent and feel a sense of entitlement not only to their liberty but to things like health care.  When you're on top, it's easy to rest.  It's easy to think you're invulnerable.  You're not.  And now is no time to rest and dream Utopian dreams.

The videos below point out the troubles ahead on the horizon for the ship of America.  They are alarmist.  But they are not necessarily wrong. America needs to be shaken awake.  The Tea Parties are a way to do this.  But they need to go hand-in-hand with an explanatory message - the country cannot afford the Democrats.  The costs are too high - the debt is unsustainable.  And the trajectory is simply wrong.  This message needs to break through the clutter of messages at the Tea Parties (mostly good messages, but too disparate), and the mainstream media.  The message that Americans who do not pay close attention need to understand is that there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Alarmist, yes.  Possible? Yeah, it is.  With today's speed of financial transactions, perhaps the Depression of the 1930's could happen so quickly that the recession came and (mostly) went already and the solution will be what kills the patient.  The spending has to stop

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