April 10, 2009

Survey: Your choice for GOP 2012?

This week Nonsensible Shoes published articles assessing 6 top conservative contenders for the GOP nomination in 2012.  The assessments are linked below.

Mitt Romney
Mark Sanford
Bobby Jindal
Sarah Palin
Mike Huckabee

Now it's your turn to have your say.  Vote below for the candidate of your choice. 

[Update - survey layout changed, also, now using flash instead of Javascript]


  1. I think Ron Paul is great--but any chance of him actually becoming the nominee is blown by some of his more paranoid moments (and a shocking resemblance to El Chupacabra).

  2. Austin,

    El Chupacabra. Very funny! Great reference.

    Agreed, he can't win. I wouldn't vote for him because of some of those odd comments, but he has some great positions on the Constitution.

  3. I'll go with Ron Paul as well!


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