January 29, 2009

Michelle Malkin Mistaken (partly)

Sorry Michelle, but I think a couple of conclusions you might have reached on the revival of conservatism might be a bit premature. I admire your work and almost universally agree with your opinions. In fact in this case, you are correct - yesterday's vote was a good day for conservatism.

So this might come off as a little nit-picky, but...

1. The Senate will likely be more bi-partisan and could let us conservatives down. The version they are drafting apparently has more Republican buy in than in Congress. That doesn't negate the positive aspects of the Congressional vote, but does mean that the momentum from yesterday may not be carried forward.

2. The final version of the merged House and Senate plans will need to be re-voted on in both houses. Will the same number of GOP representatives vote against it? There's no guarantee, if they've already been given (supposed) cover by voting against it the first time. The party line vote we saw against the stinkulus package may evaporate next time around. It remains to be seen.

3. One day of doing things right does not negate years of poor decisions, while in power or while in opposition. New found principles, while encouraging, do not a trend make. To be fair and draw the distinction, it was a good day for conservatism, but not redemption for the GOP leadership or members in either the House or Senate.

4. While we've now got the high moral ground and opted to wash our hands of an inevitable failure its still buys Democrats time and is not a lose situation for them.

5. There's still a raft of RINOs in the party that have not been purged.

So while you are right about it being a good day for conservatism Michelle, it's not a game changer yet, and it's not re-birth of the GOP. It's a first step, and a baby step at that. Let's keep it in perspective.


  1. This is not a good picture of Michelle - so "no fair" but good points...

  2. It's a sobering thought, Dean. As much as the GOP needs to be commended and supported. They have a long way to go before redemption.

  3. 1. Sorry about the picture - not deliberate
    2. The GOP can continue to do the right things and they will re-earn trust and find redemption.
    3. Thanks for the comments, they're always welcome. [Except I have to moderate them because there are occasionally inapporpriate ones.]


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