January 7, 2009

Burris gets a seat. Obama gets a pass.

Politics with a difference. Change. Hope. Don't worry Barack, the media will carry your water on this one too. Blagojevich's appointment of Burris to Obama's vacant Senate seat was supposed to be rejected by the Senate. At least they did the public the courtesy of saying no for a day before back-dooring the appointee.

And Al Franken has apparently won the Minnesota seat, because Chuck Schumer declares the race settled, despite what the Minnesota Board stated about not declaring a winner. Again, Harry Reid will go to bat and Obama's hands can stay clean.

Bill Richardson pulls his name out of the running for Commerce Secretary so Obama doesn't have to undergo the scrutiny that the nomination would apparently have caused both of them.

Leon Panetta, a weird choice for head of the CIA is questioned as a choice by Democrat Dianne Feinstein because of lack of intelligence experience. But no worries Barack, Lee Hamilton and the Brookings Institute will go to bat for your nominee. And Dianne has fallen into line.

More and more this guy is starting to remind me of a cross between Bill Clinton and Pontius Pilot. Slick and at the same time, washing his hands of everything because his proxies are going to handle the issues so he can stay clean.

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