January 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh versus Insanity

While some things might be above President Obama's pay grade, apparently he's not above petty attacks of those who disagree with him philosophically. Never mind that the President elevates Rush Limbaugh by personally dissing him to the Republicans on Capitol Hill. Such foolhardy behavior is not surprising - President Obama has already made some declarative statements that defy the understanding of the weight his words now carry.

In addition to a hostile President, a possible re-visiting of his position on the Fairness Doctrine, Rush now also has to deal with a Congressional Democrat petition and worse still, a spineless GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey complain about Rush in his showdown with Obama.

I've got news for you Rep. Gingrey, Rush is doing your job for you - he's carrying your water. You should be conserving your energy to stand up to the Democrat stinkulus package rather than telling Rush he's not helping. You know what -he's helping and you are too blind to realize it. Your political opponents are the Democrats. If Obama wants Rush to pipe down, don't you think it's helpful to your cause if he pipes up instead? This is so simple it's kindergarten stuff Representative.

We've come to expect anti-conservative venom from the Democrats, and the media, and in the schools. But when the GOP starts focusing it's efforts on Rush instead of standing up for it's principles, well, you have to give yourself a shake.

To paraphrase the youtube video "Leave Rush alone!" He's doing his job, you do yours.

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