January 31, 2009

Obama's panicky Pete moment

In a clear vote of confidence in his own party's massive spending plan, Obama had this to say about the American economy;

"Americans know that our economic recovery will take years -- not months.
But they will have little patience if we allow politics to get in the way
of action, and our economy continues to slide."

What's he doing?

1. Trying to buy time because the GOP won't play ball. It shows a lack of confidence in the stinkulus package being forced upon America that is more a design to push a liberal agenda rather than any type of real plan to save the economy.
2. Trying to convince a Republican, any Republican to play ball by scaring the public into thinking that Republicans are the issue here by playing politics.

Sorry Mr. President, the GOP won't fall for that little trick. At least I hope not. And saying it will take years does not mitigate the fact that your plan will make it take longer than a smarter, quicker, cheaper plan. And from the looks of it, all of those things could be achieved by a plan written on a napkin, with about 10 minutes of REAL thought put into it. (As opposed to contraception will benefit the economy).


  1. Way to break it down. Many here the words as they are intended, but not for what they mean.

    The game is ALWAYS keep your opponent on the defense, and they will never score. Keep it up.

  2. Can we just start calling him "Benedict Barack"? He demonstrates no leadership, does he?


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