January 28, 2009

You're all lemmings.

America, you have become a nation of lemmings. The small furry animals are said to stampede en masse off a cliff into the ocean and die. The herd mentality gone astray, turns out to be a myth with respect to the little creatures. But in the case of the United States, socially and politically, that mythical lemming behavior is proudly on display.

That Obamamania is shameless goes without saying. But the blindness that comes with it is astounding. But the mindless drive towards nation suicide is not without it's harbingers. Popular culture should have given us clues a long time ago. Movies become must see events with a momentum not commensurate with the quality of the underlying story. Titanic was no Shakespeare. The same can be said for music. I'm not one to disparage the musical taste of others, though there is a case to be made that quality entertainment has grown sparse. My point about music is the loathsome imprint it has on societal homogeneity. While there are various types of music, popular music has degenerated into a minimal variety of style musically and with regard to the accouterments associated with it (for example, fashions).

Lest you think the damage has been relegated to those inclined towards teenagerdom, think about some of the other areas that homogeneity has spread into American life, and the associated herd mentality that goes along with it - fads, diets, health concerns, all are embraced with the lightning speed of our Internet age. The trend is self fulfilling. A creative commercial on television is mimicked in style by a dozen others until it is no longer is successful. There's more than one way to be successful.

The stock market is another example of herd mentality that frequently gets out of control. The news in the most of the Mainstream Media, identical in content, identical in style, and increasingly vapid in its delivery. Polling opinion as reportable news is laughable. People think that tomatoes should be banned because they are too acidic. That's not news. Tomatoes proven to be too acidic to be healthy for the lining of a human stomach would be news.

The group think inside the Beltway that sees Senators accept pork-barrelling as a norm to be embraced. The headlong rush into climate change hysteria without so much as a sober second thought is yet more proof - disagree or even question it's validity and you are anti-human scum.

And what of the power of celebrity? The power of Oprah? Do you really need her to tell you what books to read, who to vote for, or that you are unknowingly unhappy with some aspect of your life? Or how to diet?

Political Correctness is another great example of conformity. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Oh, right the Fairness Doctrine 2.0 is coming.

And ironically, those that decry conformity are often the worst offenders by conforming to Groupthink or even fashion dictates.

Those things are all lamentable, but not show stoppers. There is however, a serious degree of danger when conformity is embedded in political direction. Bashing Bush was one thing, but following lockstep down the path toward socializing American industry is a form of national suicide. America did not become a superpower by following the path of European socialism. The United States did not go along to get along. It followed its own path, and that's what made it great. That's what got America to the position of economic, military and freedom embracing superpower. Groupthink about change could toss that all away.

Change is more complex than just changing. There are good changes and bad changes. Each idea needs to be examined on its own merits, not just cheered on blindly.

Obama's change is coming and that change looks to include nationalized banking and health care among other things. Are you excited to see the new line of Americars? These are staggeringly huge changes and they are being foisted on the country with dizzying speed. Some sober second thought is in order and it has to be de-coupled from the stinkulous package panic. Fast.

It's ironic that what's featured in the headlong rush to socialism, that 'lemming gene', is exactly what America managed to avoid so successfully during it's two plus centuries of ascendancy. Obama can invoke the image of Republican President Abraham Lincoln and it appears to hold some merit - but only until you examine it more closely. The truth is that as late as JFK, perhaps even Johnson, and most if not all historical Democrat Presidents would be as aghast at the intended direction of President Obama as would have Reagan or Jefferson or Lincoln.

[In case it's necessary to enunciate for the record - I do not believe all Americans are lemmings, just 53.4% of them.]

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