January 11, 2009

Republican Response Team

Rush Limbaugh years ago was pointing out Democrat talking points getting out to the MSM with stunning consistency and effectiveness. The example I recall is his reel of quotes on the word 'gravitas' suddenly appearing in the lexicon of the MSM. It's kind of scary.

In Nazi Germany, the methods for controlling the population came down to a few simple ideas. This model included propaganda and censorship;

As Minister of National Enlightenment and Propaganda, Dr. Josef Goebbels believed it was his job to win people over to Nazi ideas and make them totally loyal to Hitler. To do this he controlled the media. No book could be published without his permission. Newspapers were told what to print – any that did not comply were closed down. All Germany's radio stations were controlled and were used to hammer home the Nazi message. Goebbels even made cheap radio sets available and put up loudspeaker systems in the street. The mass rallies at
Nuremberg were possibly the single most impressive displays of Nazi propaganda
and the staging of the 1936 Olympics was also used to promote the regime in a
similar way.

Music and the cinema were also closely controlled. Jazz was banned because it was the music of black Americans and all films – factual or fictional, thrillers or comedies – had to carry a pro-Nazi message. Newsreels in the cinema were designed to trumpet the achievements of the regime. The control of young people by means of education and youth movements was also important and is part of the next section. However, exactly how effective propaganda and
censorship were cannot be accurately measured.

Let's see, the Fairness Doctrine to control radio-based Democrat detractors, newspapers and television don't need to be told what to print since they are onside with Obama anyway (and those that aren't are told to get off the plane). Mass rallies. Music and cinema controlled (in the case of Obama, sympathetic). News trumpeting achievements remains to be seen but is to be expected. Indoctrination of youth, especially through education. All of these Nazi themes seem to be oddly familiar in the progressive approach to domination of political thought in America. And they called Bush 'Hitler'. Look in the mirror liberals.

That's not the point though. The point is about conservatives combating that highly tilted playing field. How does that happen? What's needed is a quick-thinking rapid response team with talking points readied for both reactive and proactive situations. They need to have the responsibility and means of messaging. In other words, they need to know what to say, ho to say it, and equally importantly, where to say it so that it gets heard by as many people as possible. We need our own Navy Seals of conservative political thinking.

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