January 31, 2009

Google 'outthinks' itself

Google is MENTAL!!! And it has some scary implications for conservatives.

Everybody surfing the web via google over the last little while has been experiencing Google's wonderful attempt to pre-filter bad websites from a security standpoint (phishing/malware etc.). They filtered EVERY site that came up on a search. At first I thought Google had been hacked, but it turns out it was a Google effort - clearly the issue was a technical one and it appears to have now been fixed, or the update backed out. Nice recovery Google. This will be some great press for you.

I experienced it while trying to do some research on the Senate elections coming in 2010 and it got me thinking again about the issue of the power Google has over surfers.Having that level of control in a monopolistic way when it relates to the free flow of information is dangerous. Isn't that something we fought against with the Soviet bloc and communist China controlling how their peoples were 'informed'? I know that sounds simplistic but there's a greater issue here. I've often Googled news events and found a slight predisposition towards a more liberal slant on stories. Again, no big deal, I know where to find Fox News, Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs etc. But if I didn't I could be unwittingly swayed during searches.

I think it's time for an easily accessible, conservative leaning version of Google. Just to be safe. There's enough Obamabots in the MSM, there's a looming Fairness Doctrine fight that Republicans could lose and the internet needs to remain a safe haven from deliberate manipulation. Google can't be trusted. If they make decisions like deliberately filtering malware - which is reasonable IF IT ACTUALLY WORKS - then how far is it to the step of filtering content they don't like or ultimately content they don't agree with. Another simplistic argument - it's a slippery slope. But why chance it. Conservatives have an uphill battle for the foreseeable future, why succumb to anything that makes our lives more difficult?

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