January 17, 2009

Al Gore, hot air for the planet

Following some bizarre rabbit hole on Twitter, I stumbled across Al Gore and then his blog. Listening to (or reading) this man is maddening. And I don't mean maddening in the way that losing your car keys is maddening -I mean he makes me think of something akin to shaken baby syndrome with him as the victim. [kidding, lighten up Francis]

How this guy has followers is not in question; long ago, Marxists figured out the virtues of propaganda, and he carries on in that tradition. Say a lie loud enough, say it long enough, and it will become truth to many people. The propaganda war is a one-sided battle in America. Conservatives rely on logic and reason to win over people. But in the face of vitriolic hyperbole it becomes harder and harder to win that way.

Here's an excerpt from his latest misguidance (he begins by quoting another Kool Aid drinker);

"For the next two decades or so, the climate will continue to change: Historic levels of built-up greenhouse gases will continue to warm the world -- and spin it toward new patterns of conflict. So we need to do more than simply reverse climate change. We need to understand and react to it -- ordinary people and governments alike -- in ways that avoid conflict. Over the next few years, we may find that climate-change accords and peace treaties start to overlap more and more. And we may find that global warming is heating new conflicts up to the boiling point."

Actually, in a book released last year, The Age of Consequences: The Foreign Policy and National Security Implications of Global Climate Change, Professor Leon Fuerth addressed this very topic in a thorough and thoughtful way, as he has done for years. Leon was my National Security Adviser when I was VP, and is one of the most thoughtful analysts I have ever known. I recommend his analysis in this book. In addition the rest of the book is well worth reading.

Nice choice of advisers Al. Anyway, his laughable point is that global warming will devolve into conflict in many parts of the world - as if humanity's only response to anything is war - except for the enlighten liberals of the Western world of course. And more importantly, as if global warming were even factual. As if CO2 emissions were on some unsupportable level and speeding towards catastrophe. CO2 levels change. The total level of human impact is 0.7% of carbon dioxide, which is a fraction of the atmosphere to begin with. Stop worrying about the sky falling Al, when we've got a bigger problem with the moon moving further out of orbit every day. to the tune of 1.5 inches per year. You know the impact that will have on the tides during the lives of our grandchildren?

Focus Al, it's a much more important cause...

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