January 8, 2009

Race, Gender & Religion

Back during the 2008 election cycle I visited a lot of websites looking at different polling results, and models to predict electoral college outcomes. A lot of sites offered the option to flip states red/blue or neutral and see how it impacted electoral college totals.

But one site offered a way to adjust voter turnout and voter split by race, gender and religious affiliation. By playing with those breakdowns on a national level, it would flip states appropriately and calculate the resulting electoral college totals. It was (is) a great toy for experimentation. You can check out the full demographic options here. Credit to http://www.boston.com/ for the tool.

I've included a sample that relates to Hispanics, a topic I've discussed previously.

Being a numbers guy, and a database marketing guy, I'd really love to see the algorithms behind the summary totals. But being a marketing guy, I see the value in having RNC members, conservatives, the GOP in general see the power of those shifts, in small scales and what it means to the electoral college. I'd encourage you to go there and give it a try, just so you can see what I'm talking about.

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