January 9, 2009

A lecture from Pravda on corruption

What do so many of the Hollywood elite think about us?

Celebrities are Serious Business
by remixamerica

They don't seem to like America much. I guess they'd rather live in a Soviet style system. But the love of Russia for Americans apparently wouldn't be returned. From Pravda in an article entitled "Sanctimonious hypocritical preaching by the imperials", the segment is so laughable I had to embed a large chunk of it.

It has become a rather common yearly and some times even monthly occurrence that the imperial elites of America gallop up on their white horses to read the riot act to the rest of the world, some times even to the EU, on how to be a republic.

This is of course rather humerus [sic] for as far as republics go, the US is definitely a failed one. Disregarding the fact that the US constitution is routinely ignored, the power politics of the past 130 years have done everything in their power to make sure there are enough stumbling blocks and hurdles that only their chosen candidates can muster the needed support to run for any high office.

Between extremely complicated election laws, requiring armies of lawyers, double standards for the major parties to the exclusion of third parties, dirty tricks, intimidation , and a media hell bent on serving the power politic and not the people, the system makes sure that reelection rates to the US Congress stay at or above a 95% rate. Most senators die or retire, the only way to clear them from their seats. But what a job, 4 months of actual work, high perks, the ability to be bribed at will (both branches of the One Party system feed from the hands of pretty much the same special interests), tax payer paid retirement and pensions after one stint, and many many other benefits. This on top of the right to vote in your own 10% yearly raise, while most of their constituents have not seen a raise above 3% in 20 years.

This only gets ever more accentuated in presidential races, where almost always its two versions of the same Marxist theme running. Ronald Reagan was the only exception since Nixon and that was 19 years ago.

But does this corruption stop the hypocrites from lecturing the world? Of course not. It is a pity for them that, at least in Europe and East Asia, the level of literacy is much higher than the US' 65% and the people there see that the Imperial preaching is nothing but hypocritical nonsense. However, at home, this plays into the self righteous ignorance of the masses.

The real irony here is that Pravda is saying American elections suffer from a Marxist theme. But in defence of the article it does make two good points about faults in the legislative process in Congress. While the anti-Americanism is over-the-top, driven by superpower envy and not backed up by facts, there are some facts about the Russia parliament - the Duma, that bear pointing out for consideration.

1. In the Duma in Russia, entire bills must be read aloud twice to a quorum of the Duma, from first word to last word. Consequently bills are short and to the point. Yes it probably slows down the number of bills that get debated on. As a conservative I applaud that as a solution to over regulation.

2. The system of attaching riders to bills to get unpopular, or even worse, stupid legislation passed on the back of a more sensible or popular piece of legislation in not allowed in the Duma.

It seems the formerly communist and now undefinable nation, has learned a thing or two that Congress is not eager to accept or admit is an option that is long overdue in the United States. Is the system corrupt? It's corruptible. Al Franken comes to mind. Is it bad? No, in fact it is a great system but it has been perverted for the purposes of partisanship or incumbency or personal gain. Overall the system needs a bit of a "reset" but it works. What doesn't work and needs to be fixed are those who would abuse it and put their own interests ahead of those of the nation. Unfortunately, given the smattering of scandals since November (Richardson, Blagojevich, Burris, Panetta, Franken), America has clearly elected the wrong cast to fix that problem.

Note to RNC and GOP candidates - the Fix Washington meme that didn't work so well for McCain may develop some pretty sturdy legs as a campaign platform item. Surely if the unbiased folks over at Pravda can see the faults in the American governmental system, some of the uninformed masses here should be alerted to the problem rather urgently.

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