January 10, 2009


I'm fairly new to the world of social networking. Not the concept of it - I've worked on it before in a theoretical sense dealing with direct marketing campaigns. But being involved in a social network for the purposes of socializing or socializing ideas? I'd never really considered it.

I'm not sure I recall how I stumbled onto http://www.twitter.com/ or whether I found Top Conservatives on Twitter first. But my blog hadn't received much attention prior to joining both of these sites as a member. Mind you, I'm still pretty much small potatoes (no Dan Quayle jokes please) now, but I'm certainly getting a lot more visits and certainly getting a lot more feedback from the #TCOT community than I did in the past from all sources combined.

And it's not that I mind being small potatoes either. My main purpose in having a blog is to share ideas about politics, conservatism and hopefully inspire others to do the same, or at least give conservatism a chance if that is not their particular political leaning. Of course being a free market capitalist that I am, I put ads on the site. Almost as much to prove that I'm pro-entrepreneur as to make money (believe me if money was my prime motivation I'd have given up already).

Which brings me to my point in this posting. If you are a conservative, and you aren't here because of Twitter or TCOT already, please follow the link above and check out the Top Conservatives on Twitter. They really are a grassroots organization and they really want to rebuild conservatism in America. They are a community about sharing ideas and the people I've tweeted with have been very friendly, positive and supportive, and I have only good things to say about everyone I've tweeted with. It's an opportunity to share your own ideas and potentially learn good ideas from other like-minded or even differently-minded conservatives.

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