January 12, 2009

Socialism weds Green

The Washington Times is reporting that Obama's climate czar, Carol M. Browner has ties to a socialist organization Commission for a Sustainable World Society. They do not hide the fact that they are socialist. A read through the bios makes it pretty clear as well. But according to the Times, they have removed Browner from the site. However they left a picture of her speaking in Greece to the groups congress.

Knowing how these things can suddenly 'disappear', I copied the picture (see below).

The green movement has been co-opted by socialists. If you doubt that, watch this video.
Socialism + phony green OR misguided green + Whitehouse + Congress + Senate = Uh oh.

We are witnessing evidence of the marriage of Obama's socialist roots with a green appointee. Obama's now infamous " spread the wealth" blunder takes on a more ominous connotation.

Under the guise of cleaner, purer air, and protecting the lungs of little children, America could suffer the imposition of a cap trade systems, overly stringent and intrusive new regulation and eroded freedoms, among other devolutionary measures. This is bad. After the feint to the middle, Obama may be looking to back door some far left liberals to appease the base or perhaps he is just letting some of his true colors slip out just like he did with Joe the Plumber.
As an added bonus feature - take a look at this photo from the Clinton era. Another re-tread? You bet.

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  1. "Same we can believe in!"

    This is getting really frightening.....


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