July 12, 2016

The Identity Politics chickens have come home to roost

Democrats decades ago found a formula for electoral success by finding different groups or voting blocks, to pander to politically, and gain a sort of fettered electoral support. But the Identity Politics they used to do so is now backfiring. As Reverend Wright once said, the chickens are coming home to roost.

We saw in the Orlando shooting that the homosexual voting block apparently did not rate as highly as the Muslim voting block as the president and others were once again reticent or more accurately unwilling to describe the killings as an act of terrorism perpetrated by a radicalized terrorist, inspired by either a religion or a twisting of that religion (you decide which you think is more appropriate, that is not my purpose in this post).  Why is that the case?  It's probably math, and probably propbability.  Democrats likely feel that by siding with Muslims they gain more votes than they would lose from the gay community and that the reverse would have a more negative electoral result for them in November.

Worse still, in Dallas police officers were killed because the identity politics of isolating groups ultimately pits them against each other.  Make no mistake, liberals once counted union members, particularly those like police forces who are employed by some level of government, among their many constituency groups. But going all the way back to Obama's ridiculous beer summit, it is clear how low they rank on the prioritization pecking order for Democrats. So low in fact, that they are being killed.

I am not for a minute suggesting the president doesn't care about police officers being killed. Rather I am suggesting that progressive liberal politicians, who leverage identity politics to get votes, because they cannot win in the arena of ideas, has created this mess.  Liberals like Obama regret that but have no way out of the mess that they have created, and likely the only way forward for them is deeper into the mire they have caused.  It is a recipe for the destruction of America.  Whether it is willful no longer matters.

Here's a quick explainer on identity politics that is worth watching to better understand it.

Ultimately, the identity politics along with political correctness either will eventually tear apart America, or it must be torn apart itself. People must be viewed as individuals and not as part of a group or groups; to do so is inherently bigoted.

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