July 21, 2016

Boycott CNN

CNN talking heads are talking incessantly about the Melania Trump speech that had a few lines that were a bit too reminiscent of a Michelle Obama convention speech. Yes, it's fair game.  But, I've heard in the last 5 minutes that if they'd apologized that everyone would have moved on (yeah right), that the campaign focus was on denial and doubling down on the fight and that is harmful to the campaign.  Of course Hillary doubling down on nothing to see around the email server scandal is within her prerogative. 

CNN also last night was quick to cut away from a number of the videos and speakers at seemingly opportune moments yesterday to nominally discuss important developments.  The news is the convention - speaker involvement should be minimal.  PBS did the same thing but at different points so following along across different stations was mostly possible.

In any case, tonight CNN will likely do no better and has been unimpressive so far during the GOP convention.  CNN talking heads to be fair, did mention a couple of times that Obama himself lifted a lot more of a Deval Patrick speech, and Joe Biden has had plagiarism issues. While I'm not at the boycott CNN stage quite yet, I'm close.

UPDATE: I accidentally forgot to post this on Tuesday but since then CNN has this morning put into high rotation clips of Trump and Cruz exchanging insults.  I get that the Cruz speech which was a non-endorsement of Trump, and that is news.  But CNN is going out of it's way to avoid the speeches by Gingrich and Pence and rather seek out cracks and divisive discussions.  It will be interesting too see if they do the same by seeking out disaffected Sanders supporters during the Democrat convention.

I expect that they will but in such a way as to find reconciled disagreements in an effort to contrast GOP division with Democratic unity.  I think CNN sees this as the issue that will help Hillary Clinton win.  Wait and see.

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