July 21, 2016

CNN continues to try to make disunity the story

At CNN, the anti-Trump narrative continues unabated.  CNN is really going after the 'cracks in the Republican Party'  angle to help the Democrats come November - even to the point of arguing CNN hosts with guests. They want Republicans to continue to fight each other and they want America to see it.  The underlying message is that if Republicans can't even agree among themselves, then clearly Trump is not ready for the presidency, and his message of bringing America together is clearly a false narrative.  That's a great story CNN, but it's mostly manufactured.

Yes, there is division.  The GOP is a party of competing ideas unlike the Democrats lockstep march towards the singularity of acceptable ideas.  Division is actually healthy.  The establishment versus the grassroots is a legitimate debate that needs to happen.  Trump's positions versus Pence's position on free trade, is a legitimate debate that needs to happen.  Ted Cruz' temper tantrum because he feels personally slighted is not a legitimate debate but CNN is trying to legitimize it by lumping it in with the other debates.

But even this represents an opportunity for the GOP.  Because while debates are healthy, coming together is also important.  The best thing that could happen is Ted Cruz and Trump coming together before the election.  If CNN and other mainstream media outlets cover this division, they are setting themselves up for a shocker if Ted Cruz does reverse course and endorses Donald Trump in September, the entire media theme will deflate instantly.

I wouldn't put it beyond the realm of possibility that both Trump and Cruz know that and have planned together to control the story line throughout the summer and fall. Remember, Trump is the master of free media. And Ted Cruz would benefit himself for a future run for the presidency by playing the villain as long as possible just to help Trump win. That would be taking one for the team.  That would be priceless. 

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