July 16, 2016

Documentary - Human Harvest looks at China's illegal organ trade

Last week on my commute home from work, I passed a group of protesters on a corner in a heavily populated Chinese area.  One particularly large sign read China is harvesting organs illegally from Falun Gong practitioners. I thought immediately skeptically that while China is not an honest state, this hyperbole from a persecuted group was meant to call attention to their unjust oppression.  But it was still hyperbole.  After seeing a documentary today, I'm willing to state that I believe my initial impression was wrong.  Drastically wrong.

A Canadian documentary entitled Human Harvest investigated China's state sanctioned (or run) illegal human organ trade, which is believed to be supplied by Falun Gong political prisoners. I wish I could share this whole documentary with readers, but I cannot find it online.   It's truly frightening that the communist regime, in fear of any organization that is not them, is actively pursuing anything it deems as a threat to its hegemony.  It's, as the video says, state run murder. It's inhuman. It's genocide.

If you can find the documentary, watch it. Share it.  Turning a blind eye to it is unconscionable.  Falun Gong is an ancient Chinese spiritualism that pursues Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.  That's not a crime, expect apparently it is in China.

UPDATE: I found a link where yo can watch it.  HERE.  Warning it has some graphic parts.  There's a link to petition the U.N. to do something about it.  It wouldn't hurt to see the U.N. do something useful from time to time.

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