July 3, 2016

Collectivism Crushes

Excessive rules and regulations mandate conformity.  Conformity not only crushes individuality, it also crushes innovation.  How can one innovate when there are regulations about how everything should be?  And with a lack of innovation comes stagnation - an ersatz equilibrium imposed on a world that has not yet been (and never will be) optimized.  So things will ultimately grind to an imperfect halt with institutionalized flaws but perfectly robust rules. Rules that will eventually need to no longer be expanded because with a static world, no new situations requiring new regulation will arise. But everyone will be happy in their safe zones and we'll all be equal in our outcomes and no one will be a racist because, you know, there'll be rules against that.
Nigel doesn't want you making plans for him, E.U.

It'll be a truly flat world and as any bumps come up, they'll be hammered out of existence.  And by bumps, I mean new ideas.  It will become an economic and social straight jacket for the entire world. How dreadful.  How UNprogressive.  

This is exactly why the U.K. woke up to reality and decided they didn't want any part of such a bleak and moribund future.  It's about time.  I thought Margaret Thatcher's spirit had been crushed out of not only the U.K. but even her own political party. Not so.

I'll leave you with Bill Whittle's take on BREXIT and its meaning.  Let's hope this re-found sanity in the U.K. spreads across the Atlantic or is already re-growing the same roots here.

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