July 24, 2016

Sunday Linkaround

Hillary's Nazi salute.  Two can play at that out-of-context game Democrats.   Nice work by 90 Miles from Tyranny.

President Obama's brother is voting for Donald J Trump. For real. He's not on board with Hillary or even his half brother. How terrible do you have to be as a president to lose the support of a family member?

John Kerry is more worried about air conditioners than ISIS but he just can't bring himself to say it outright.

Bernie Sanders is mad at the DNC, but not enough to really do anything about it. But a corrupt DNC and a Hillary Clinton whom the FBI said was very negligent but skated free on being charged for her improper email server and deleting emails (destroying evidence), hand-in-hand speak to a corruption that stinks to high Heaven. Yet Sanders is still supporting Hillary, so his faux outrage is just that, faux.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz has kind of recused herself from her role as chair of the Democratic party's convention this week.  But only for the convention it would seem.  Just like with Hillary Clinton though, there's not likely going to be any repercussions never mind punishment.

Hillary, pathological liar, so says...Politico? Not really, they're just attempting to offer up a spirited defense of the indefensible. It's actually an infuriating read if you have the stomach for such tripe.

The DNC planned to link Trump to the KKK?

Conrad Black offers a great critique of the critiques of Trump, noting quite correctly,
...It reminds me of Tom Wicker’s prediction in The New York Times the Sunday before the inauguration of Richard Nixon in 1969, that the president-elect would “blow up the world,” and by Scotty Reston in the same newspaper about 12 years later that Ronald Reagan would be a complete failure who would ride back to California like a disillusioned cowboy after his first term. As the world knows, but may have forgotten, Nixon ended school segregation and the draft and the endless riots and the skyjackings and the assassinations, reduced the crime rate, founded the Environmental Protection Agency, opened relations with China and a peace process in the Middle East, extracted the U.S. from Vietnam while retaining a non-communist government in Saigon, and signed the greatest arms control agreement in world history with the U.S.S.R. while re-establishing American nuclear superiority, and was re-elected by 18 million votes. The subsequent Watergate nonsense, tawdry though it was, doesn’t alter the fact that his was one of the most successful presidential terms in U.S. history. It is probably better remembered that Reagan produced America’s greatest economic boom of the 20th century and bloodlessly won the Cold War, and was re-elected by 15 million votes.
Over at The Daily Beast Nancy A Youssef breaks down Hillary Clinton's misbegotten tenure at state, including this truth;
If there is a connective thread in Clinton’s tenure, it was an overestimation in the U.S. ability to shape events around the world and an underestimation of the unintended consequences of change.
George Will wants the RNC to be more like the DNC because his man did not win?  Respect lost. Entirely. 

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