July 23, 2016

Twitter Gestapo redux

Gay conservative Breitbart Tech columnist Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter this week for the horrific crime of giving Ghostbusters a bad review and then teasing star Leslie Jones about it.  It was classified as hate speech.While Milo seems to be treating treating his banning as a badge of honor, it's a dictatorial move by Twitter and should be viewed as such by others. Milo deserves backup, even though he seems entirely unfazed by it.

Twitter has previously kicked off other conservatives because their thought police have an obvious leftist bent and will, over time get all conservative voices off the platform because they cannot handle opposing viewpoints.  So they deem it all hate speech and ban conservatives one by one under a false pretense.

This has to be confronted. Twitter is not be alone in this.  Facebook has the same problem. And of course we all know about Hollywood and the mainstream media issues. And the stranglehold progressive liberals have on education.  And the EPA.  And the IRS.  Institution by institution, battle front after battle front, socialists are seeing to it conservative voice cannot be heard or else will by systematically drowned out by liberal propaganda.

Warning: Language.

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