July 21, 2016

Disloyal Cruz

I'm a big fan of Ted Cruz's political views.  Or more accurately his views on issues - the economy, the Constitution, national security - that sort of thing.  Ted Cruz last night in his speech had the opportunity to be magnanimous, to be a larger than life politician by not holding his tongue and saying that he endorses Trump because the country is more important than his personal issues with Trump.

That would have been a WOW moment and Ted Cruz would have sent himself up prominently for future elections.  

Instead, in his speech and his breakfast Q&A with delegates this morning he came across as petty and small, and frankly disloyal.  And I do no mean disloyal to Trump or disloyal to the GOP, I mean disloyal to America.  Anything other than a full endorsement of Trump is fodder for a Hillary Clinton victory.

I supported Ted Cruz, in this moment I cannot.  America cannot survive 4 years of Hillary Clinton after 8 years of Obama. I think Ted Cruz has failed on two fronts - he's failed his country and he's failed his own political future.

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